Vermont Super 8 - Northern Lobe

9/24-26, 2021

A few days before the grand depart for the Vermont Super 8, I received a text from Chris about doing the northern lobe. I’d been waffling over whether to go - riding up with a friend made the decision a bit easier. Driving up from NYC, we arrived at Montpelier in the early hours of Friday, helped Chris’s friend Jeff set up his bike singlespeed, and got what sleep we could in the car before the morning start.

Grand departs are always a frenetic mix of apprehension and excitement. Last minute gear checks. Nervous conversation with new people. Riders and spectators buzzing with their morning coffee. There apparently were around 40 people at the starting line, the largest field to date! Daniel Jordan spoke a few words before we headed down main street, the group soon splitting off to ride their respective lobes.

Starting off in a downpour, our shoes would never fully dry out for the next three days.

We were treated to bountiful apple trees along the way but they were mostly (and very unfortunately) of the red delicious variety.

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