Portrait by Yoshino Studios

Conan Thai is a Chinese-American photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. He graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a BFA in studio arts and a minor in telephone sanitation. Growing up with working class roots, he lived in books, played with matches, and dug holes in the backyard garden. He's fascinated with environmental sustainability, decay, life from entropy, the death drive, film theory, narrative structures, and situationistic 'aha' moments when the senses clear and the fog lifts.

Having spent years befuddled as a field researcher and part-time diver on the Antikythera mechanism, he relocated to the lonely Hart Island to sort himself out, spending most of his time scaring would-be explorers off the island with bullhorn kazoos while exhuming old graves in search of loot. He has a dog named Kodak - not because of his love for film, but quite possibly because the dog might actually be a bear and Conan msipelled 'Kodiak'.

There have only been two fatalities on the island to date. One of them was due to an oversight in preparing the cognitive processes of the legion of cyborg topiary landscapers that roam the island. Asimov's first law of robotics was neglected and temporary civil unrest ensued. The second was when Conan accidentally pressed forward-down-triangle-forward on the game of life.

He always chooses "D. All of the above", especially when it's preceded by "C. None of the above."


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