1989 Bridgestone MB-1

2023 HMR Rider Rig

BIKE: 2023 update on my MB1 bikepacking setup (2019 can be found here). Regarding major changes, I‘ve removed my front rack, mounted my light directly to the fork crown, and switched to Paul levers and Motolites. For those following me, I had briefly retired this bike in autumn 2021 when I discovered the headtube had gotten enlarged(?!) and the headset cups were able to slide on and off easily. I suspect it was already like that to begin with when I purchased it but, 8000 miles later, all the rough stuff had most likely increased its size. Strangely enough, it all seems uniform instead of the typical ovalization that occurs. In February ‘23, I decided on a whim to shim the headset cups with clippings from an aluminum can, thanks to suggestions from the internet. Feeling quite secure, it was only a matter of hours that the bike was hastily rebuilt with spare parts (many things had since migrated to other bikes). It started in singlespeed mode and I’ve frankly been satisfied enough with it to keep it as is. It’s set up as 36x22t, with the Surly cog held in place by GearClamps. The rear derailleur is used as a chain tensioner - I could probably remove more links in the chain but the bike will eventually get gears back.. I think. Still no complaints about the ceramic Mavic 517 rims. 

BAGS: Revelate Design for everything, except for an Outer Shell drawcord handlebar bag in the front for food. The frame bag is meant for a Straggler but it fits well enough - I just have the occasional leg/shoe/crank arm rub. Well, actually, it bulges enough to always be rubbing on something. I’ll get a custom bag eventually. I cut off the mesh on the stem bags because the elastic had worn out and the pockets no longer held things.The stem bags will dry a little faster now whenever they get wet. Sleeping pad is strapped directly to the saddle rails. 

GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Fujifilm X100F camera stashed in the right stem bag. SP PV-8 (or Kasai Dynacoil RB) 32h dynamo hub. King Cage Manythings strapped to the downtube via King Cage USB clamps. Hydrapak 3L reservoir with a hose. Sinewave Beacon. SON light in the back. Ergon GA3 grips with SQLabs 411 innerbarends. Wahoo Bolt V2

Hanging off the saddle rails, there’s an omamori charm given to me by my friend Alan which he picked up at Kiyomizu Kannon-do, the oldest temple in Tokyo. The charm is for “wish fulfillment”.

Type 2 miles and misadventures

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