Catskills Ice

Various trips (Jan-March 2022)

Late Jan

I’m pretty much just Alan’s dedicated photographer. Everyone else is only a guest appearance.

First time visiting Kaaterskill Fall and it was quite the spectacle. The wild mushroom pizza at Brio's in Phoenicia afterwards was such a delicious finish to the day. We camped in subzero conditions at the Fox Hollow lean-to where we linked up with Eli and Mimi. Met Joshua, Andrea, and Kim at Stony Clove East and polished off an entire box of Oreos (double stuff, ofc).

Last lap of the day, I managed to knock out Twin Columns, thanks to Joshua for the lead and belay!

Late Feb

Catskills are still in! Good to see so many people out this weekend - I feel like it only takes a few weekends to meet all the local characters. Thanks to Pucci, Kate, and Brian for showing us around the lower tier Darkside area and to Jeff and Alec for setting us up on 'Entertainer' in Stony Point West (hbd, Jeff!)

Mid March

Stony Clove East. Brought a few friends for their first time ice climbing and warmed them up on Sun Wall. Next door, we bumped into some familiar faces and got to share some ropes with Anthony’s group (thank you for setting up some fun lines!) and Sonia/Steve (happy birthday!) We watched Anthony smoothly sail up Unexpected Acceleration. Twin Columns was bulbous and picked out enough that a bunch of us took laps on it without tools towards the end of the day. Not sure what will last after this week but am happy to have squeezed in what could possibly be our last climb of the Catskills season.

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